My First Impression of the Eiffel Tower

When I was Kid, I thought I’d never see the world outside the Philippines. I was always hopeful inside but I knew then and there that the possibilities are vague.  I don’t even have the money to travel my own country, let alone Europe. Travelling was more expensive back then and my family did not have the luxury to afford trips to the other side of the world. And there is the Visa we need to apply for which entails us to give supporting documents of  our financial status. The young heart in me was like, Really?! How is my family’s financial status a requirement when I just want to see the world created by God which is meant to be free for everyone?! Unfair. I believed it to be so impossible to reach Europe that I came up with the conclusion that  I’d  never see the Eiffel tower – the great symbol of Europe. Its my European dream. I never cared about the Big ben or the Brandenburg gate or Sistine Chapel. For me, it was just Eiffel. 

I said if I see it, i see it. If I don’t, I don’t.

But what the hell.

2 months ago… I did.

I thought that day would never happen. I was right at the very front of the structure I once thought I’d never see. The monument that made little me say “I swear I can die when I see the Eiffel tower” (I’m taking that baaaack though haha! I don’t want to die yet!). The first time I laid my eyes on the Eiffel Tower I thought it would bring me some sense of romance…but it didn’t. I thought it’d send me a feeling of passion for love or make me think I wished I had my boyfriend with me. It didn’t. My hopes  of feeling that so called vibrancy of love coming from the Tower fell straight to the ground.  Paris articles are all about Love, so you expect to feel Love. True enough, there were couples in every corner – kissing and hugging, having their pre nup pictures taken by professional photographers, dining at fancy restaurants, etc. I guess, It was just a different feeling for me. As I walked closer and closer to the structure I felt nothing but… demand. Yup! I found the Eiffel Tower too demanding. It was beautiful and intimidating but I never expected it to be demanding. It felt like going home to my dad’s angry face asking me for valid reasons why I got home late. I have never seen a structure that seemed so alive as if it wanted to converse  with me in a language only both of us could understand. As if it were to say “What took you so long?!”

I wanted to answer “Well, I’m Here now. I’m in Paris.”

It didn’t seem to care. It stood there showing off its magnificence while effortlessly impressing everyone with its unique distinction and all of its Beauty. God, how can something be so alluring? Somehow, I felt like a Cady Heron in front of Regina George. Nevertheless, looking up and adoring the Tower is something worth doing. It’s probably one thing I’ll never get tired of. When I go back to Paris, I promise I’ll spend an entire afternoon just staring at the Eiffel while drinking coffee.

Until now, i still can’t believe that I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower. I know it looks like such a big deal for me but I came from a third world country with a very weak passport and being given the chance to see countries like France is something momentous (well, in my point of view). I’m sure I’ll be back. Hopefully, I’ll feel the Love everyone is talking about!




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