Eiffel Tower: A reflection of conquering a girl’s dream.

They say things are more beautiful the second time around but how come I feel like The Eiffel was more beautiful during Autumn? I think I can partly blame the number of tourists. Obviously there are more tourists in Europe during summer but, in my point of view, it really isn’t the best time to see Europe. The number of people on the streets can somehow ruin the whole experience. I appreciated Paris more when I visited last November 2016 (not because something horrible happened during our trip this time) because there were less people. Although it was freezing cold, the yellow and orange colors of autumn highlighted the beauty of Paris. But I am not complaining! Paris is Paris and the Eiffel Tower still continues to magnetize me.

It is one of the most visited attractions in the whole world and I can definitely understand why. It’s always so uniquely stunning. I always feel like I am watching an Ellie Saab collection on the runway when I stare at it. It is never boring even if it’s just standing still.

I always remember how I dreamed of seeing this place when I was a kid or when I was still living in the Philippines and I felt stuck. It feels amazing that, today, I can freely go wherever I want to. And to realize that 5 or 10 years ago, I thought this picture of me would be impossible. Now I can finally say that life has no limits. That the impossible is possible when we put faith in ourselves. The human spirit is really undeniably unbelievable. I can’t stop thinking how much I hated the situation I was in 2 years ago but I am still so thankful for past experiences that helped me build a stronger character.

Looking at the photographs still feels unreal (even if this is the second time!).

Since I started living in London, I have learned that holding on to our dreams is important. I think we should continue to write about them, put them in a checklist (because I believe in the power of checklist motivation!), constantly pray and work for them. Because on most days, we can and will forget about our dreams. We often get caught with everyday problems and frustrations that we end up choosing the easier way. We give up because we get crushed along the way and just simply get tired of waiting. But dreams will always remain in our subconscious and appear unexpectedly. I have come to that conclusion that if we neglect our dreams then they will find their way back into our lives. We will wake up one day and realize that what we were wishing for 10 years ago is already in our hands and the other dreams we previously thought were crazy ideas, are within reach. We will then realize that we didn’t  give up after all.

Long term dreams will be difficult to chase and life is and will always be a  puzzle of unknowns and surprises. So, let us give ourselves that chance to be surprised. Let us keep our dreams. And I only wish that when your dreams happen (like how mine is slowly and magically unfolding), they give your heart an overwhelming sense of passion to live.

Whenever I see myself looking at the Eiffel tower, I still keep asking myself how I managed to get it this far (literally and figuratively). I wonder if  my 12 year old self, who constantly wished she could travel the world like the other girls in her class, is proud of where I have brought 24 years old me.


I hope she is.


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