Dear Quarter Life, It’s okay.

1.  It’s okay to have scars on your legs.
2. It’s okay to have acne marks on your face
3. It’s okay to be dark skinned.
4. It’s okay to have wide hips.
5. It’s okay to fail exams
6. and interviews.
7. It’s okay not to get accepted in the job that you want.
8. It’s okay to work in a field you don’t like
9. because, girl,  you have the power to change that.
10. It’s okay to break the rules once in a while.
11. It’s okay to spend 400gbp on online Shopping but don’t ever do it again.
12. It’s okay to be  a constant dreamer.
13. It’s okay if you know more books than television shows
14. It’s okay to be a loser. The future changes everything.
15. It’s okay to do what the kids do.
16. It’s okay to have a lot of fears
17. and not knowing how to attack them.
18. It’s okay if you feel like you’re normal.
19. It’s okay not to know your purpose yet. One day, You’ll find it out.
20. It’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back.
21. It’s okay to pray. Don’t forget to pray for others, too.
22. It’s okay to sit down, breathe in and cry.
23. It’s okay not to have the answers to everything. You will never figure it out.
24. It’s okay to jump into the unknown.
25. It’s okay to fight for something you want.
26. It’s okay to ignore those who put you down.
27. Don’t worry, It doesn’t make you a bad person.
28. It’s okay to drink that bottle of beer after work
29. and to devour the whole box of dominos
30. It’s okay to feel guilty about it
31. And go to the gym the next day.
32. It’s okay if you still make a checklist of things to do
33. and a checklist of places you will go to.
34. It’s okay to hate the kitchen
35. but at least learn a dish or two.
36. It’s okay to oversleep.
37. You deserve it anyway.




38. It’s okay to get addicted to coffee.
39. You have survived so many things because of it.
40. Say it with me, “Coffee is life”
41. It’s okay if you eat a lot of cheese
42. and that you have discovered the wonders of cold cuts.
43. It’s okay if you don’t want to be friends with everybody.
44. It’s okay to be selfish at times
45. but please Be selfless most of the time.
46. It’s okay to work hard
47. and to take pride in knowing you are earning money the honest way.
48. It’s okay not knowing how to put make up on properly
49. It’s okay if you don’t have a single kylie lip kit
50. It’s okay if you’re just starting to save money
51. It’s okay to be crazy. Actually, be extra extra crazy.
52. It’s okay to write your stories even if the world doesn’t care.
53. Every story is worth sharing
54. It’s okay if there were times you didnt know where to get money from. They taught you how to strive.
55. It’s okay if you are battling so many things right now.
56. You are getting braver and braver every step.
57. It’s okay to be stuck where you’re at
58. but don’t forget to remind yourself that the good things take time
59. It’s okay to take care of the people you love. You owe them the world.
60. It’s okay to finish a pint of ben and jerry’s cookie dough because, honestly, you’re not the only one
61. It’s okay not to listen to those who said you are wasting money on travelling
62. They don’t know what they are missing.

63. It’s okay if your dream is to be far away from the city
64. It’s okay if you want to pursue the island life
65. It’s okay if you don’t wish for the mansions and the cars
66. It’s okay if all you want is to go back to Siargao and learn to surf.
67. It’s okay to keep singing in the shower.
68. and shouting your most heart felt songs on the karaoke
69. It’s okay to believe in Coldplay songs
70. It’s okay to have vices
71. It’s okay to keep hold of memories that bring you all sorts of emotions.
72. It’s okay if you truly truly suck at math.
73. It’s okay to pay the bills.
74. It’s okay to miss people
75. It’s okay to change your style all the time.
76. or not to have any style at all.
77. It’s okay to be late at work sometimes.
78. It’s okay to have toxic shifts at work
79. and go straight to bed because, fck it, you don’t have that energy for yourself after hospital work.
80. It’s okay to take a bath for hours during your rest days.
81. It’s okay to be just yourself
82. It’s okay if you still dance in front of the mirror in your room because you are your own star.
83. It’s okay if you can’t be present at your friend’s wedding.
84. It’s okay if you feel like you’ll never get married.

85. It’s okay to feel fat
86. or actually be fat.
87. It’s okay not to have thousands of followers on instagram.
88. It’s okay to feel sad for yourself.
89. Its okay to cry yourself to sleep at night.
90. It’s okay to wake up and feel like superwoman.
91. It’s okay if you’ve hurt people in the past but don’t forget to ask for forgiveness.
92. It’s okay to be jealous of other people.
93. It’s okay if you worry too much.
94. It’s okay if you love too much.
95. It’s okay if you often confuse wants with needs.
96. It’s okay if you find it hard to be positive.
97. It’s okay to listen to Hillsong before going to work and retiring to bed.
98. It’s okay to be awake most of the nights. Genuine thoughts come at 2am.
99. It’s okay if you forgot to charge your phone, again.
100. It’s okay to feel grateful for being just okay at 25.
101. Others have it worse.

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